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Drop Shipping


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Drop Shipping

Gracese offers drop shipping services to all registered customers at no extra charge. Regardless of whether you are planning to create a general online store, or something a bit more specialized, you'll be able to find all the stock you need at Gracese.
No costly inventories, no complicated online account systems to manage, we'll do it all.

3 steps to start easily.




Step 1: Choose the items which you want to order for your customers. Step 2: Provide your customer's shipping address. (You may add multi shipping address to your address book.) Step 3: After we confirm the completed payment for your dropship order, we will ship the items fast.

How drop shipping works?

  • A: Find products you'd like to sell form our product catalogs.
  • B: List those products on your web stie or auction. You can use the descriptions and images on our site.
  • C: After the products sells collect your money from the buyer.
  • D: Place the product order through Gracese after you've been paid.
  • E: Products will ship directly to your customer.
  • F: Sell again, profit again. You don't have to carry inventory or pay for inventory upfront - if the product doesn't sell, you'll never have to buy it.